IE8 Review: FF3 has nothing to worry

After a day of my normal usage with IE8, I can honestly say that
I’m impressed with the speed and new features, but it’s not enough to steal me
from FF3.

Normal usage can be categorized with 1 instance of the
browser opened with 7 or less tabs. I however, have 3 or more instances opened
with roughly 5 to 15 tabs depending on what I’m working on.  An example would be: one browser consists of
only high tech stuff and news sites, the second is strictly for school and the third
handles the bank and bills. Does anyone else organize their browsing like this?
I would like to know! I just find it easier to juggle 3 browser windows that
are related in topic than one window containing many topics.


IE8 was up to the juggling task and surprisingly could keep
up until I loaded some video websites (Not porn, this is daily usage, not nightly).
Although I have only 3 instances opened, the taskbar shows 9 entries hogging
almost twice as much ram as FF3 does. I wonder how many more milliseconds faster
FF3 would be if it took this route.

So the main features that are useful are the color tab
grouping. Tabs that are from the same website are automatically the same color
but differ from other groups. When I’m comparing two laptops and have 15 tabs
open, I need all the help I can get to find which one is which and not have to
click on every single tab to find it. In case the grouping doesn’t help, the Quick
Tabs neatly display the thumbnails of each tab for each picking. 


The accelerators are also handy because they are like
interactive shortcuts to jump to wherever it is you want to go since they are
customizable. The defaults are blog, email, map and translate. Once your text
of interest is highlighted, click on the transparent blue accelerator button
and choose its destination.

When you close an instance of IE8, you’ll be asked if you’re
sure you want to close them all, FF3 gives the user the option of saving the
tabs and reloading them for the next load. That’s brilliant and an irreplaceable
feature for me. Doesn’t everyone like to pick up where they left off at? With 3
instances, this feature cannot be done on FF3 unless you end the process in the
task manager. FF3 will treat this like a crash and everything reloads again.
You cannot do that with 9 entries on IE8.

IE8 is another strategic move by Microsoft; their intent was
not to steal FF3 users but rather to be enough for the current IE7 users to
stay. After all, all their features revolve around more Microsoft websites and
searching and that means more money for them.