Dell’s New laptop is Sexy, but is it enough?

The new Dell Adamo redefines beauty and elegance for the
notebook PC market with a miraculously thin .65 inch aluminum chassis.Dell’s website shows two configurations that
are not customizable, Admire and the more performance weighted, Desire.The $700 difference will give you 2GB more
RAM, a mobile broadband card for AT&T, and a slightly faster processor
totaling to 4GB, 1.4GHz for about $2,699.

The 13.4 inch Adamo is certainly a nice looking notebook
with functional features. Its light weight, has a built in 1.3 MP web cam, 5 +
hours battery life, a silent solid state hard drive – but for a new laptop it has
failed to outperform the top competitor, the MacBook.

Adamo greatest drawback is the use of Intel’s GS45 chipset
that conveniently features Intel’s Graphics Media Decelerator 4500MHD. It’s
actually Accelerator but there’s no evidence that suggest any positive change
in velocity. The MacBook uses Nvidia’s 9400M processor that scores a 3,930 in
3DMark 05 compared the 4500MHD’s 1,333 ( That’s 3 times
faster and yes it’s a big deal.

Adamo will have a slow start but hopefully when fall comes
around, Dell will give us something to really desire.

For more information about the Adamo visit

Author’s note: A high
end 2.4GHz MacBook with the same RAM and SSD as the Adamo will run $625
cheaper. Remember, you can install
windows on your new MacBook.