Make Your Own Social Networking App With tarpipe

Tarpipe is an app that will allow you to connect all your social media profiles and make your own app out of it. It currently only has support for 27 web sites, including social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed and some services like TinyURL, PhotoBucket and regular email.

If you have used Yahoo! pipes you will become familar with tarpipe right away. Like Yahoo! pipes, tarpipe has a menu of sources and services which you can choose from on the left, you build your apps by dragging any one of these sources to the workflow space and connecting them however you want.

Here is a very simple app I made that allows you to tweet from your email, as you can se by the path of the pipes, the emai’ls body becomes the tweet. You could extend this app and make it update your Facebook status, tweet, bookmark, send an email to your friend, tinyurl it and so on all with one email.

Overall I think tarpipe is really cool tool but I still prefer checking out my profiles in person with Flock rather then simply using my email to update them all. What cool app have you made with tarpipes or any other similar system? Send us an email telling us about it.

You can make your own tarpipe app at