Test Your Web Pages Speed With This Tool

YSlow is a Firefox add-on that analyzes your web pages speed based on a
set of performance rules in an article written by the Yahoo! developer
network for high performance websites.

Performance tests include,  removing duplicate scripts, putting CSS at the top, putting Javascript at the bottom, making JS and CSS external. Some test are easy to pass but then there are more complicated and expensive ones like using a CDN (Content Delivery Network ) which basically involves having multiple servers spread accross the geographic area of your audience.
Test results for webhole
Don’t feel bad if you can’t get at least an 80, take a look at the following results from some tests I ran with the add-on.

  • Digg -home page 66
  • Yahoo!’s home page   84
  • WebHole – Newbies 39
  • Google’s home page 96
  • W3schools – home page 64
  • Nettuts+ – home page 53
  • Mashable – home page 35
  • WebHole – home page   49 :( ( results at right )

After testing several WordPress powered websites the average score seemed to be in the range of 30-50.

The test that gave us the most noticeable results was putting Javascript at the bottom, a contraction to many tutorials that tell you to put javascript in the <head> tag.

This tool, like any other Firefox add-on is easy to use, after installation you’ll get the YSlow icon next to the firebug icon in your FF window. To run the test simply click on the icon after the page has finish loading, and you’ll see an image like the one above.

This link should take you to the download page

YSlow ( http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ ).

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