How To Make Google Wave Notify You Of Updates Via Gmail

One of the things I believe that Google Wave should have is a sort of notification system that tells you when someone has added something to a wave. I get that Google Wave might eventually replace email, but for the meantime (until everyone gets their Wave account) my email inbox continues to be the page I always open up first.

So if you have Google Wave but hate to have to open two windows, one for gmail and one for wave, I got good news for you, there is an extension called Wave-XMPP that you can add to each wave you want to get notifications from.

To add this extension add the following address to your contacts , now add this contact to any wave as if it were another person.

click the subscribe button.

Every time some one leaves a new message on the wave you’ll be notified via chat of this change.


I got the message twice because I edited something on the wave.

Happy Waving :)

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