5 Least Used PHP Syntax Jewels, Adopt One!

Here is a list of keywords that you don’t often see in code, don’t let these PHP gems become extinct, start using them in forums, books and your own code.

Long Script Tags

I bet you’ve seen these three forms of short tags: <% %>, <?   ?> and <?php ?>, while people refer to the latter as the long tags there is actually a longer tag similar to javascript’s

<script language="php">
// all your php code can go here

Don’t worry, your code is still parsed by the server so no one will see it.

Even Shorter Comment Tags

PHP has double back slashes // for single lines and a backslash and asterisk for multiple line comments, but it also has the pound symbol for single lines.

# This is a comment

End Tags For Flow Of Control

I learned about these when I started using CodeIgniter, they are great for when you have PHP embedded into HTML. Take a look at how clean they can make your code look, and understandable if you are working with a designer who might not know PHP.

foreach($rows as $user):
<li><?php echo $user['name']?></li>

There is also endif, endwhile and more here.

Dynamic Variable Names

PHP is a dynamic language, but I didn’t know it could be this dynamic! You can use strings and variables to make variables. To see what I mean take a look at and run this code if you don’t believe me.



echo $user_name;

This is pretty cool but I’ll tell you thing, if you adopt this syntax I just hope I never have to debug your code!

While Loop That Looks Like For

This involves incrementing your counter variable in a while loop when you evaluate it. Be careful though, this syntax will increment your counter variable EVERY time it gets compared.

While Loop That Looks Like For Loop

// do your thing here

Those where all the "jewels" I could think of, but I bet you know of more, let us know of them in the comments and tell us which of these you are going to start using.