CodeIgniter 2.x not working with your godaddy server? No worries we believe we have found the fix here.

Learn to use the new HTML5 tag to embed audio files in your site.

Check this list of 10 hot HTML5 tutorials, demos and tools to get you started with HTML5.

See how easy it is to protect your user’s passwords using a native php function, no plugins, no extra libraries.

Learn how to limit the number of characters your users submit. After reading this tutorial you will minutes away from a twitter clone (nah, just kidding).

Here is a cool trick you might not know if you want to return multiple values from a function and assign them to variables with different names each.

Sessions are like cookies but more secure…although not entirely secure…why don’t you come and the read the post to see what they are about.

jQuery has come and made everything easy for us, from simple toggling to otherwise complicated ajax, and when ever jQuery is not able to deliver there is always someone who has made a plugin exactly for what we need.

Detect the name and version of a user’s browser and handle pages respectively.

Now you can control every single color in your website, even the color of the text user highlight with.

Welcome to the fifth day of this series, in todays episode you will see how to use the concatenation operator to attach strings to one another.

Today you will see how variables are used in Python. Enjoy!

In this episode you will learn about the different delimiters python uses for print().

Before continuing with my python tutorials I will like to show you how to use Eclipse, a powerful ide, to work with Python. This will make your life a lot easier, take a look.

In today’s episode of this series you will learn where to get and how to install the latest version of Python. I will then show you how to output text and what the difference is between Python 3 and Python 2 when it comes to the "print" function.

Do you find yourself having to type the code needed to include JQuery, Dojo or any other javascript library for everyone of your projects? This website will help you save time with its simple solution.

In this post I will show you how to use twitter’s API along with JQuery to display a user’s tweets almost as soon as they are posted.

The Google maps API is a great one. Learn how to use it in this series!

A quick way to make a script that sends text messages.

You bought an Arduino, now exploit its true power by controlling it from the web!